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We need your help in sharing what VFW Post 688 is doing and accomplishing

Here are some tips to get the best photos

  1. Fill the frame with people, unless the background serves a purpose

  2. Try to take photos chest up, or at the very least waist up

  3. If you need something in the background, have the people move closer to the camera-leaving the object still in the frame (accomplishing 1 & 2)

  4. Be patient-if someone is uncomfortable, give them a compliment

  5. Candid photos are just as important as posed ones

Here are some tips to get the best videos

  1. If you are recording an event with a mic & speaker, sit close to the speaker

  2. Try recording simple candid moments using the photo tips above

  3. If you are using a phone, record in landscape/horizontal

  4. Anchor yourself and the camera to avoid shaking

  5. Move slowly if you must move

You've got photos and video to share, now what?

You can email with the images and video you would like to share.

  1. Name the files 01_Event_Date, 02_Event_Date, etc

  2. Caption the files in the email using the name of the file, names of individuals in the photo/video, and a brief description

  3. Optional: include a write up of the entire event

Want to share a photo to FB immediately?

  • DM 1 photo to the FB account with a caption, including names, event, and location.

  • An admin will post and check into the location as soon as possible.

I hope this blog post was helpful.


Christina Herr

Post Adjutant, 20-21

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